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Un juego de amor

Un juego de amor

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The authors lay bare their souls and life as few people would dare to do so. For a reason and with a mission: to help those who yearn to live before God as husband and wife and are facing insurmountable obstacles, humanly speaking. Before their marriage or after, or when they suspect the invalidity of a previous marriage. Theirs are two biographies full of drama and pain that came together on the day of their encounter. Love came right away, but to turn it into a sacramental reality was a journey full of pain. And in between, an unexpected event: their religious conversion. José María Zavala and Paloma Fernández offer us their personal story of inner transformation and faith in very adverse circumstances. Two stories guided, invisibly and with dazzling details, by a saint: Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, the stigmatized priest to whom Zavala dedicated his most loved book. In these pages we will discover that he had many reasons to write it.

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