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Los Gángsters de la Guerra Civil

Los Gángsters de la Guerra Civil

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Why did the former minister Indalecio Prieto planned the assassination of Franco and of the high command of his regime taking advantage of the funeral of the General Emilio Mola? Why did the former Prime Minister Juan Negrin evaded currency during the war and was the holder of an account in the Eurobank with a balance of 370 million Francs? Why did the General Secretary of the Komintern, Sergei Dimitrov, accused Santiago Carrillo of the massacres of Paracuellos del Jarama? Why did the most bloodthirsty member of the Cheka during the Civil War, Agapito Garcia Atadell, died repentant and within the Catholic Church? Why did André Marty, the organizer of the International Brigades, is known as “the Butcher of Albacete”?

“José María Zavala has managed to provide us a more extensive view of the crimes and atrocities of the most tragic years of contemporary Spain.”


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