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Las últimas horas de José Antonio

Las últimas horas de José Antonio

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At ten o'clock of March 14th, 1936, José Antonio Primo de Rivera was arrested in Madrid, under the accusation of illegal possession of weapons. The following day, at night, he entered in what had been the cell of Largo Caballero in Madrid's “Modelo” Penitentiary.

On June 5th, he was transferred to the Penitentiary of Alicante, where he remained until his execution on November 20th.

After the great success of La pasión de José Antonio and when all, or almost all, has already been said on the circumstances of his death, José María Zavala once again surprises us now with another array of unpublished documents. With the fast pace of a thriller and the usual rigor of his information, Zavala offers us in these pages new and relevant data found in the “lost records ” of those who participated in the death of Jose Antonio: from the judge who “judged” him, to the despicable who put his signature on the execution order, the warden of the Penitentiary of Alicante and the members of the firing squad that took his life in the courtyard of the prison.

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