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La pasión de Pilar Primo de Rivera

La pasión de Pilar Primo de Rivera

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This book is the first biography of Pilar Primo de Rivera, with unpublished material and amazing discoveries about the life of the founder and promoter of the Feminine Section. The mysteries that Pilar Primo de Rivera did not reveal in her autobiography: Did they poison their father? Did they try to marry her with Hitler? Did she personally meet the witness of the execution of her brother José Antonio? And the brother of the Falangist Durruti? Did she had secret loves? What did Dionisio Ridruejo represented for her? Why did they spy on her? …

After the great success of The passion of José Antonio, we now offer to the reader the life and passions of Pilar Primo de Rivera (1906-1991), sister of the founder of the Falange and herself the founder of the Female Section. A book made possible by her unpublished records, given to the author by Pelayo Primo de Rivera, the nephew of our protagonist, where exceptional historical documents emerge: photographs of her with the high commands of the Third Reich during her stay in Berlin, in the middle of the Second World War; the graphic report of the transfer of the remains of her brother, José Antonio, to the Valle de los Caídos; unknown images of Pilar and her brother before and during the Spanish Civil War; photos of Pilar with the then Prince Juan Carlos, future King of Spain; letters from Queen Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg and from Princess Paz de Borbón… La pasión de Pilar Primo de Rivera is the human portrait of a woman who during her eighty-four years of existence was an exceptional witness of the Civil War, of the post-war period, of Franco's regime and of the transition to democracy. It is the portrait of a controversial woman, who died single after giving up the great love of her life, and who dedicated herself to the memory of José Antonio.

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