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La pasión de José Antonio

La pasión de José Antonio

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By insistingly exalting the figure of José Antonio, we have made of him almost a myth. And, in my opinion, the most important thing is the fact that he was a man like all men, capable of weaknesses, heroism, falls, and regrets… Pilar Primo de Rivera y Sáenz de Heredia… In spite of being one of the characters most studied of Spain’s recent history, the mythical aura with which José Antonio Primo de Rivera has been covered too often distorts his eminent figure. Thus, this book does not want to be a mere biography of the charismatic founder of the Falange Española, but a story of the hidden aspects of his fascinating and short life… His passionate and unknown romances, the very first days of the Falange, his family and political life before the Civil War and during the war: his imprisonment in Alicante, the attempts to save him from the death sentence carried out by his peers, friends, and family…

For the first time, José María Zavala makes us the direct witnesses of the last farewell to Primo de Rivera, of all that happened in that courtyard of the Penitentiary of Alicante on the 20th of November 1936. A rigorous and exciting story that, in the 75th anniversary of the death of the leader of the Falange, brings to us the figure of an unknown and very human José Antonio.

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