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La Infanta Republicana

La Infanta Republicana

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A rigorous and exciting biographical approach to a rebel princess, ahead of her time.

Doña Eulalia de Bourbon (1864-1958), also known as “the Republican Princess”, was an exception to her time and her family environment. Daughter of Queen Isabel II, sister of King Alfonso XII and great-grandmother of King Juan Carlos I, this energetic woman was an intellectual, a cosmopolitan, an eternal exiled and a feminist. She hobnobbed with Napoleon III, Eugenia de Montijo, Queen Victoria and Bismarck; she met intellectuals of such level as D’Annunzio or Anatole France, and her life is a paradigm of the cultural concerns and vital principles of the Twentieth Century.

This books it is a very interesting portrayal of the authentic black sheep of the Bourbons, a unique character, sophisticated, restless and extravagant. José María Zavala is a leading expert in the dynasty of the Bourbons. His previous book, La maldición de los Borbones, has sold more than 15,000 copies. Written with a journalistic excellent pulse, this biography is part of the recent historiography that has a great success among the public. The book includes a series of revealing unpublished letters.

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