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An exciting journey through the most unknown past of the princesses of the house of Bourbon, from the daughter of Philip V to the actual Princess of Asturias, Leonor. The last? They are all Bourbons… but so distinct and dazzling like the oriental gems of a huge necklace.

Do you know why the second princess of the dynasty, Maria Josefa Carmela of Bourbon and Saxony, was nicknamed “the fragile bones”? And do you know the real reason why Princess Carlota Joaquina is called “the conspirator” or Luisa Carlota “the procuress”? Do you know why Princess Elvira was known as “the fiery” and Princess Cristina as “the tightrope walker”?

Secret romances, infidelities, conspiracies, tragic deaths, royal marriages for reasons of State… and high-profile divorces. Our gallery of princesses is formed by twenty unusual portraits that span the last four centuries of the History of Spain, ending in the 21st century with Princess Leonor, who is the immediate successor of his father Prince Philip, that one day might be Philip VI, King of Spain.

In Infantas the daughters of kings and prices emerge with all their splendour. A fascinating journey through the past, present, and future of the women of the Bourbon dynasty: twenty princesses who could have reigned in Spain.

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