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Así se vence al demonio

Así se vence al demonio

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Possession is one of the most perplexing phenomena in the activity of the devil. The Church proceeds with outmost caution before authorizing an exorcism, and grants the ability to practice them only to a very small number of priests. Victims do not talk about it easily, nor the exorcists share their experience.

José María Zavala has broken both barriers. It offers the reader the testimony of those who have suffered this devastating invasion, and of those that have freed them from it. It is a unique struggle that exposes us directly to the abyss of the evil; thus, we should not joke about anything that has to do with Lucifer or his traps: satanism, sorcery, spiritism, divination, black magic… Before this world of darkness, Así se vence al demonio provides a stream of hope, and it reminds us that, against the isolated man, the power of the devil is immense; but this power fades away when faced with the name of Jesus and the tangible reality of the love of God.

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