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1939 La Cara Oculta de los Últimos Dias de la Guerra Civil

1939 La Cara Oculta de los Últimos Dias de la Guerra Civil

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The unknown history of the Kennedy’s, the role of the actor Errol Flyn, the biological warfare, the abortions on the Republican side, the atrocious hunger in the two rearguards… All this, and much more, in 1939 La cara oculta de los últimos días de la Guerra Civil.

This is an exciting and dramatic chronicle of the last days of the Civil War. On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Civil War, José María Zavala explores the last hundred days: from the Christmas Eve of 1938 to April 1st, 1939, the day when Franco signed the last war dispatch. And it does so not in the traditional way, but immersing himself in the secret pacts between the different factions, in the most unknown daily scenes, through chapters that can be read as independent stories.

From the hidden details of the surrender of Colonel Casado up to the testimonies about the hunger in the rearguards or the secret plans to unleash a biological warfare, Zavala reveals what nobody knows about the role of personalities such as Kennedy, Stalin, or the actor Errol Flynn in the outcome of the war. But it also leaves space for those anonymous soldiers as Feliciano Martin Villoria, the most wanted fifth columnist in the front.

A lively work, with the excellent journalistic tone that characterizes José María Zavala, who tackles some of the most burning issues of the Civil War, as the secret pact between General Casado and Franco.

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