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Las mentiras de ZP

Las mentiras de ZP

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Many say that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero lies, but what does he say? and how he says it? Each and every one of the contradictions of Zapatero are reflected in a book that demonstrates that the idea of: “For ‘I did it’ please read ‘I did not do it”, can be applied to one of the most discussed and controversial Prime Ministers of our young democracy. Is he the biggest liar? Go and read.

Following a chronological approach, this book proposes a review of much statements made by Zapatero and how they are being systematically retracted by themselves.

This book reveals all and each one of the contradictions incurred by the Prime Minister since, being a young promise in Politics in his birth place León he was elected, when he was 26 years old, the youngest deputy of our democracy. Until when, in 2004, he was elected Prime Minister, guiding the country since then with decisions that are not too faithful to his ideas.

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is a photogenic Prime Minister attentive to mass media and that, according to the thesis of this book, is at times somewhat forgetful with the meaning that many of his words have: this book refers to matters which are of such importance to the country as the economic crisis and the “end” of ETA, the different nationalisms and Catalonia’s Statute, the full employment promised during his political campaign and the reality of unemployment, the rise in taxes in the midst of an “economic slowdown”, the handling of the hijacking of the Alakrana or the role of our troops in Afghanistan, after having decided to withdraw them from Iraq. All these are just a few examples of many of the spoken inconsistencies of Zapatero. And who speaks about these issues is he, the Prime Minister himself. This is the most objective book written up till now about our Prime Minister, as he is the one that, with his own words, has contradicted himself constantly.

The book has a supplement with photos: a selection of the 16 moments where his words have been put into question, and a graphological study of Zapatero’s handwriting.

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