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Juán de Borbón

Juán de Borbón

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Third son of Alfonso XIII and father of King Juan Carlos I, he was Prince of Spain (1913-1933), Prince of Asturias (1933-1941) through the cession of his two older brothers and, for those who recognize him as such, King of Spain in the exile as John III, from 1941. After renouncing to his dynastic rights in 1977, he kept until his death in 1993 the title of Count of Barcelona. The small-mindedness of some presented him sometimes as a dangerous leftist, ignoring that he wanted to enlist as a volunteer with the rebels on July the 18th, 1936, or that he congratulated General Franco for the approval of the State’s Organic Law (1967) by which the Monarchy was established; the bad conscience of others, especially as a result of his death, presented him as an exemplary democrat throughout all his life.

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