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Franco El Republicano

Franco El Republicano

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There are people who believe that the adventurers ended when the Europeans crossed Africa from tip to tip and the sailing boats disappeared. It is not so. Ramón Franco was a full adventurer. But not only. He was also a conspirator, a politician, a speaker, a traveller… and a headache for his family, especially for his brother Francisco, the future Generalísimo.

In 1926 he crossed the Atlantic in the seaplane Plus Ultra; thereafter, Ramón Franco enters in a political whirlwind. Joins the conspiracy against Alfonso XIII and is initiated in the masonry.

Following the proclamation of the Second Republic, he was elected as deputy of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya. However, when the war broke out, he joined the rebel forces commanded by his brother.

He died in 1938, when his plane crashed. An accident?…

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