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The best kept secret of Fatima

The best kept secret of Fatima

I first went to Fatima when I was six years old. Since then, the apparitions that took place in the Portuguese Sanctuary have always fascinated me. I grew up under the protection of this Marian advocation and I have visited Fatima countless times with my family and friends. I have also eagerly read the books of the world’s greatest experts: Canon Barthas, Brother Frère Michel and Father Joaquín Alonso; and, in recent years, those of Vaticanists Antonio Socci and, of course, of the doyen Marco Tosatti.

But who could foretold that an expert of the relevance of Tosatti would travel to Madrid with the only aim to launch with me my new book El secreto mejor guardado de Fátima (Grupo Planeta)? The appointment will take place on April 6 th at 7.30 p.m. at Casa del Libro, Gran Vía. Tosatti read my book in just one day and, after that, he graciously accepted my invitation. He wrote to me that the book “is an impressive and striking work, that will be of help to the faith of many people”.

Now it is up to the readers to judge if they share or not Tosatti’s opinion, as the book will be in the bookshops of Spain from March 21 st . I want to warn you that if you think you will find in its pages, for the umpteenth time, the “fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood”, you will be deluded.

El secreto mejor guardado de Fátima reveals new and unsuspected data: my unknown interview with exorcist Gabriele Amorth on what Father Pio revealed about the Third Secret, the consecration of Russia or the internal situation of the Church; the spiritual testament of Father Pio and its connection to Fatima; and even an unknown document that, according to the opinion of an important expert calligrapher, was personally written by Sister Lucia and reveals the words of the Virgen Mary which are the explanation of the Third Secret. Without further ado, I invited you to travel with me to the virginal heart of Fatima…

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